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Ubuntu Usb Stick Operating System Not Found

" 02.01.2010 ... operating system installed? I consciously did not ... on USB stick: No operating system found ... the same USB drive as Ubuntu. If the USB stick is ... " [0]

" Prepare USB stick exactly as described in Ubuntu documentation: How to create a bootable USB stick on Windows. How to create a bootable USB stick on Ubuntu. This documentation refers to USB stick (a pendrive), I am not sure whether it is possible to boot from external hard disk connected via USB. " [1]

" Ich möchte gerne Ubuntu ... "Operating System not found ... Betriebssystem ist Windows 8 und es wurde nichts am System verändert. Wenn ich per USB Stick ... " [2]

" How to create a bootable USB stick on Windows - Ubuntu " [3]

" Hello everyone, Im facing terrible issues in my Sony Vaio E series laptop. System crashed all of a sudden and an error "Operating system not found" showed ... " [4]

" I had a similar operating system not found issue. I tried legacy boot mode and reconfiguring the USB device with LinuxLiveUSB, but to no avail. I ended up changing to a different USB device, which worked on the first try. Both were 16 GB, both were formatted to FAT, but for some reason it worked. " [5]

" 28.10.2010 This guide was created as an overview of the ... Operating System, ... Operating System not found. ... Im trying to boot CentOS through my USB stick ... " [6]

" I own a Thinkpad X121e and I upgraded its Ubuntu from 13.04 64bit to 13.10 64bit using the Update Manager. When the upgrade process suggested to restart the system, I restarted the computer and now it says "Operating system not found" after a very brief splash screen. The splash screen says something like (too brief to see everything): " [7]

" 12.08.2006 "Missing operating system" Ubuntu install User Name: Remember Me? ... "Operating system not found", problem with the motherboard/GRUB Loader maybe?? " [8]

" Booting from USB No OS found ... solved An operating system wasnt found - and laptop not booting from windows usb; Boot media not found ... " [9]

" ... Usb stick geschrieben und hab hin dann auch in das netbook Angeschlossen boot reinfolge geändert aber es kommt nur operating system not found ... " [10]

" 31.07.2014 ... Operating System not found Hallo liebe Community, ... habe ich per USB Stick das rohe ISO auf den Rechner kopiert, ... noch im Ubuntu System. " [11]

" Operating System not found Bei dieser Fehlermeldung beim Startversuch ist die Lösung recht trivial. Der USB-Stick wurde noch nicht als bootbar markiert, d.h. das Boot-Flag wurde nicht gesetzt . Andernfalls liegt es daran, dass die Partition als Festplatte und nicht als Floppydisk partitioniert ist. " [12]

" 10.05.2013 ... Operating System: Ubuntu 13.04 Boot files: ... trouble creating bootable usb, operating system not found. I think i was using dolphin crtl+c " [13]

" "Operating System not found" erscheint als erste und einzige Meldung ... ~$ sudu fdisk-1 bash: sudu: command not found ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ fdisk -1 fdisk: ... " [14]

" Missing Operating System Windows USB on Ubuntu ... Use Rufus to create the bootable stick. ... Operating system not found after upgrading Ubuntu ... " [15]

" Er versicherte mir ich könne danach einfach Ubuntu installieren von meinem Stick ... Operating System not found". ... not found. bei start von USB stick ... " [16]

" 10.03.2011 Kleiner Hinweis: /dev/sdc1 ist der USB-Stick mit dem ISO-Image der Ubuntu Desktop-CD, ... dann erscheint die Meldung "Operating System not found" ... " [17]

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