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Ubuntu Usb Stick Read Only

" 07.12.2006 Howdy! Ich hab ein problem! Unter Ubuntu 5.10 lässt sich mein Usb stick nur noch read only mounten! Vorhin hat er noch geschrieben, und jetzt streikt er ... " [0]

" 15.10.2009 My key has a physical switch on it to set it to read-only mode. This has caused me grief a few times because its always the last thing I think to check. " [1]

" 31.05.2017 USB Drive Read Only. ... Added files went to Ubuntu 12 ... I had tried just about everything with an SD card Ive kept inside a USB stick that ... " [2]

" 02.06.2015 USB-Device is or becomes read-only without ... The best place to get help with almost any Ubuntu problem is on the Ubuntu ... Mount/USB (last ... " [3]

" Since I upgraded to Ubuntu 12.10 the automout of USB devices does not ... Automounted USB devices are read only. ... Does not recognize usb sticks and ... " [4]

" Hello,How do I remove read only from a USB memory stick? " [5]

" how to create a bootable USB-stick. - Ubuntu " [6]

" how to format read only pendrive. ... Installed Ubuntu on usb drive, now its read-only and cant be formatted. 1. impossible to format a RAW usb flash ... " [7]

" 06.05.2014 Video embedded How to fix read only USB flash drive in Ubuntu Zaki Zaki. ... Standard ... License; ... USB Flash Drive - Read Only ... " [8]

" 02.06.2012 Diskutiere USB-Stick read-only im Speichermedien ... im Bereich Linux Hardware Fragen; ... hab den Stick grade an nem anderen Rechner (Ubuntu 11.10.) ... " [9]

" 04.12.2012 Hi all, I have a problem writing on my USB stick. It reads fine in both my Mac OS X and also Windows 7, even Linux Mint, but Ubuntu persists it is read-only. " [10]

" This happens only in the Cinnamon edition. Ive tried multiple USB sticks from different manufacturers - same result. I use the USB image formatter and writer tool to format and make bootable sticks. The stick does infact not become read-only , because I can write / copy to it via the command line without issues. " [11]

" Ich habe immer einen USB-Stick auf einen Raspberry py benutzt aufeinmal ist er nur noch read-only ich kann entweder unter windows noch unter linux(konsole ... " [12]

" How to create a bootable USB stick on Windows - Ubuntu " [13]

" I have a usb stick that is read only. I want to completely erase it, so I could write on it again. I had tried to remove the write protection - but nothing ... " [14]

" Problem: USB Stick ist nicht mehr beschreibbar selbst nach formatieren aus der GUI heraus ! Lösung: Filesystem ist als Dirty markiert fsck. " [15]

" Bei mir das gleiche. "Read-only" Dann wollte ich den USB Stick mit GParted neu formatieren (war bisher bei deisem Fehler immer die einzige Lösung den USB ... " [16]

" 11.06.2010 I used my usb to install ubuntu on my netbook and now it says its read only. Checked all over for a switch, even pulled the plastic case off but I " [17]

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